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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

NEW RELEASE: The Gatehouse Cottage Also Gets a Completely Winterized Companion

For people who want to deck their entire cottage out with snow and winterberries to match the blustery weather most of us are being treated to these days, a whole new version of the cottage is now available. This is sold separately, and at a discount of 75% off this week. You can preview it and pick it up near our original Gatehouse Cottage vendor inworld here.

L$4,725 on sale for only L$1,182

A couple of goodies that are arriving in this newest version of the cottage: the roof is now attached to the cottage, no longer requiring rezzing on startup; and, we've tucked optional snow drifts in that you can rez around the outside permiter of the cottage in case you're not on land where you control the terrain.

You can still pick up the original Gatehouse Cottage at this discounted price as well for the rest of this week.

PLEASE NOTE: While the original Gatehouse Cottage is available on our Marketplace website, it is not available at this 75% discount.

The Wintry version is not yet available on Marketplace.

You can also pick up the cottages and coordinating landscaping kits on the deck outside our main store.

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