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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

FREE UPGRADE: The Gatehouse Cottage Gets a Snowy Roof

Yup. You heard right. At the beginning of January that cozy little homestead finally got it's wintry top. And with all this crazy first life weather, it's about time!

Throw another peat log on the fire and hit that update button, mate.


If you own the cottage, click on it's control panel (near the stairwell door) and hit the Update button. An update disc will be delivered to you. Set it on the cottage floor and touch it to begin the automated update of your cottage. The disc will tell you when the update is done. Then you'll simply have to hit the cottage control panel to bring up the menus and choose the Snowy Roof, or the Moss version when you're ready to switch back again.

NOTE: We've also made the roof and the doors modifiable now, to give you more control over the components. These updated versions will be installed automatically when you run the update disc.

We will also be releasing another free update shortly, attaching the roof to the cottage frame, as we did with the new Wintry Gatehouse Cottage companion, eliminating the need to rez it at start-up.

We look forward to being able to do a final free update to both cottages later this spring, tucking our brand new Add-On and Plug-in systems under the engine, giving you a great deal more control over rezzables, script lag reduction and some slick new management features that will make landlords happy.

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