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Thursday, 12 September 2013

NEW AT AI: Tidal Pool Wave

This pack ships with 2 different versions of the wave: one with Full Bright turned on, for those who wish it, and one with it turned of for a greater level of realism.

The waves are identical except for that setting, and they are fully modifiable so that you can change any aspect of them you wish, such as size, glow, or colouring.

A terrific companion for our Coastal Rock Formation and Ocean Soundscapes Pack!


1 prim each


COPY/MODIFY/no transfer


In Second Life - L$125
In InWorldz - Iz$195


Available at our inworld shops at Second Life, and also at InWorldz.

Also available in our web shops at the Second Life Marketplace web site, and soon at the InWorldz inBiz web site.

A Note from Immortalis ...

When I build, I'm happiest when I can control every aspect of the build. Something I have not, up until now, taken control of is water. During the creation of the Sea Caves sim build, in InWorldz, I found myself on a grid where I didn't have the same tools I had in Second Life. I had to create water effects out of necessity.

If I was going to have to build water, I decided to include features I have been wanting for years in second life water. I wanted Full Bright off, slow (almost still) movement, and the ability to control all aspects of the prim myself, instead of being constrained by someone else's idea of what good water looked like.

This water is quiet. It is not flashy bright and screaming for your attention. For my purposes it was perfect. In the daytime, and at night, it is more realistic. My windlight settings change the mood of the world and often water looks frenetic when the ocean is calmer. This water plays much nicer with calmer worlds.

It can be resized to gently swirl around small rocks, stretched larger to encircle the base of coastal formations, or even larger to gently suggest offshore or deep ocean swirling currents (which are perfect in a bay). I use a large one for this purpose then layer smaller ones where needed for a more realistic look.

Because, I do not want to dictate which water looks better in your applications, that with Full Bright on or off, I leave that decision to you. This effect is mod & copy.

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