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Thursday, 12 September 2013

NEW AT AI: The Ruins Alcove

This pack ships with 2 different versions of The Ruins Alcove one with an open back, and one with the back closed. The open back version can be handy when you use it as a merchandising tool in a shop or museum if the alcove is set against a wall. If someone was to step into it, or navigate in with their camera, the open back version will look closed from the front view, but will not trap the camera once inside. This can reduce the frustration of guests viewing items within it when it's flush against a wall.

Additionally, we have included a light prim that you may wish to tuck near the bottom of your alcove to add the warm, ambient glow that you see on our own display and in our adwork.

A terrific companion for our Coastal Rock Formation, Tidal Pool Wave and Ocean Soundscapes Pack!


• open back - 7 + invisiprim - 2 (if used for a walk-in display)
• closed back - 8 + invisiprim - 2 (if used for a walk-in display)
• optional ambient light - 1


COPY/MODIFY/no transfer


In Second Life - L$395
In InWorldz - Iz$695


Available at our inworld shops at Second Life, and also at InWorldz.

Also available in our web shops at the Second Life Marketplace web site, and soon at the InWorldz inBiz web site.

A Note from Immortalis ...

Originally this was not a retail product. Let me begin at the beginning.

When Alchemy and I gave up our 5 sims in Second Life, it was purely a real world financial decision. Our sims were approaching the cost of a RL home mortgage and we did not have that money to spare.

If we could, we would have left our sims up for eternity. When we gave them up, we lost our home, not just our retail shop. We relocated our retail presence in SL but we have been homeless for a long time.

A lot of people would simply say, just buy a small parcel and set it up. I tried that. It didn't work very well. I felt constrained by the theme of the other parcels. I didn't have enough room or enough prim. So we moved our personal home to InWorldz.

I found room for my imagination, with extraordinary prim counts and not much financial investment, to begin building again in a manner I was accustomed to. I call InWorldz my "country estate". I live in both, just as people commute into and out of the big city. For socialising, nightlife, work and many other things we are in SL. When I am building or it is the end of a long day, we go to our home in Inworldz.

Long story short, I am building again.

The Ruins Alcove came about as I was designing our private home. I wanted something solid and with layers of age. As the other pieces snapped into place(the sea caves, the ocean waves, and the sounds) the alcove evolved into a standalone item meant to blend into all of the coastal themed items.

So, this piece is the first of many more in the "ruins theme." The next pack to be designed is the much larger, and matching "bigger brother" building kit to create a more immersive and spacious environment.

The future building kit will be completed as a natural byproduct of building our personal home. Please look for it in the coming months. It's good to be back.

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