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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New at AI: A Pair of Very Dapper Sheep (...and a couple of free gifts whether you buy something or not ;)

We have as much fun dressing up our windows as we do ourselves, especially when it gives us an excuse to have a little more fun with those saucy blackface sheep!

Since introducing you to the very dapper pair donning top hats in our lobby showcase we've had lots of folks asking to take them home. Now you can.

We've also tucked in one of our huggable sheep (pose included) as an extra gift (see picture below). Just stand back a few feet when you go to unpack your wooly new friends from their wild crate, and a few feet more if you decide to <cough> "dump" the scripts from the sheep ... (We do like to make our unpacking tools as fun and sometimes as irreverent as what they hold ;)

Pop in and take a peek at our fall displays and bring home those baaaaaaa-ad new friends, and while you're at it, be sure to click on the parchment scroll in front of the sheep in the window display to take home another free gift: a wearable version of the hat the sheep are in, as well as a jeweled walking cane, and a surprise novelty gadget that you're just going to have to discover for yourself when you unpack them all.


COPY/MODIFY/no transfer - only L$125 for the set

Available in our shop inworld, and also on the Marketplace website.

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