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Thursday, 12 September 2013

NEW AT AI: Ocean Soundscapes Pack

People frequently asked us to share the soundscapes that we had crafted for our sims. Well, now you can make some of them your own ...

This pack ships with 3 separate soundscapes rocks, each with a unique set of sounds to make your water-enhanced spaces more immersive.

You can set the rocks out as they are, spacing them apart at various intervals to create a greater sense of realism, or take the scripts out and tuck them into objects in your own space to enhance the immersion without increasing prim count of your favourite space.

Terrific addition to our Tidal Pool Wave and Coastal Rock Formation packs.

We'll be releasing more soundscape packs with other themed kits soon.


1 prim each


COPY/MODIFY/no transfer


In Second Life - L$195
In InWorldz - Iz$395


Available at our inworld shops at Second Life, and also at InWorldz.

Also available in our web shops at the Second Life Marketplace web site, and soon at the InWorldz inBiz web site.

A Note from Immortalis ...

Alchemy is a modest and quiet designer. She works behind the scenes often, and sometimes says to me at the end of the day, "I've worked all day and no one can see what I've done. There is nothing to show."

I always tell her, without you, my builds are lifeless. She is a talented song writer, scripter, and builder. This is the perfect example of a product that she's contributed, that cannot be seen. If I could share the most important trick to bringing an environment to life, it is this: sounds are the blood of your creations.

They are what make a place fully immersive. As an artist, I am driven by sound. When a place is being designed, it's the mood of particular songs that I channel into the objects I'm building. But when I am done building, the builds become tomb silent again. One of the last things I do as a builder is infuse the sound back in.

The design of this soundscape is purposeful, and tailored to an ocean environment with shore, sea caves, and calmer pools further away from the shore. The trick is placing sounds where they are realistically appropriate.

➤ Place all crashing wave noises only where the waves touch the shore.

➤ Place all lapping water noises only where you see calmer water.

➤ Place the booming sea cave, with their rumbling low bass crashes, at the back of caves.

If you place your sounds within your environment, in a realistic way, subconsciously your mind will accept it as real. It's effect balances the visuals and rounds out the overall presence of your builds.

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