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Friday, 13 September 2013

A Little Friday the 13th Mayhem to put a bit of free loot in your pockets ...

Curious about the InWorldz grid and want to check it out? (Or maybe you've already got a home away from home there like us ...)

For a limited time if you buy a new product in Second Life that has also been released in our InWorldz shop, we will give you the same product in InWorldz free of charge. Buy more than one product? No worries! If we have them on both grids, we'll send them to you.

Bought it in InWorldz and want to send the same thing to your avatar in Second Life? We'll do that too :)

Log into your avatar in InWorldz and send us a notecard with your purchase details from your Second Life transaction record (and the Second Life avatar name you purchased them with, if different) and we'll send you the same item in InWorldz free of charge. (Bought it in InWorldz? Send your InWorldz transaction(s) details to us in Second Life).

PLEASE NOTE: we do not (and will not) have all of our existing Second Life creations in our InWorldz shop. While we will bring some of our existing treasures in over time, this offer only applies to the new creations we will be releasing on both grids, and for a limited time.

Send your transaction details in a notecard to the following avatar:

Alchemy Immortalis

Don't have an an avatar on the InWorldz grid yet? Here's where you can sign up for a free account:

Want to let us know you've joined us on the other side? Enter:

Referral Code: CjJQZlTZjR

when you sign up at InWorldz to let us know you're here.

Where Can I Find Alchemy Immortalis in InWorldz?

You can find us at our new shop at InWorldz.

Here's to a more magical life on both sides!

-- Alchemy & Immortalis Cyannis.

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