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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Selling the Last Alchemy Immortalis Sim for Less than 1/3 of the Retail Cost

This winter we sold our 4 parkland and residential rental sims (Empress and Hierophant, Saerlaith, Ceangal and Inis Caiseal) to 4 wonderful new owners.

We've decided to simplify further, letting go now of our main retail "Alchemy Immortalis" sim. (We shared a bit about the reason for the changes in our March 28th Reboot! An Alchemy Immortalis Makeover post).

This is a full service, 65,536 m2 private estate capable of hosting up to 15,000 prims/land impact.


We are shifting our focus to our first life priorities. We will continue to create and sell in Second Life, but in a simpler fashion, and are currently setting up a shop on the mainland to accommodate this. We will be sharing our new location shortly.


We are asking US$300 firm (the retail value of the sim is actually US$1,000) plus the US$100 transfer fee charged by Linden Lab (which includes moving it to your own location, and renaming the sim to whatever you wish). Therefore, the full purchase price is US$400.


We will be selling the sim alone. It does not include any of the contents. While we are happy to leave the terrain as is and to provide you with a kit that includes the terrain files, the sale does not include any of the shops, landscaping or products.


* PLEASE NOTE * We invite offers from people who:
  1. actually have the money to buy the sim ; ) ... and,
  2. are ready to purchase the sim now.

Linden Lab has been transferring sims within a day of the support ticket being submitted (even on weekends!) so you'll likely have the sim in your possession pretty darned quickly.


You pay Linden Lab directly, and they will either accept US$ available in your Linden Lab account, or the equivalent Linden dollar value if you have them available. You tell them which method you want to pay with.


Tier is due on this particular sim on the 8th day of each calendar month, and will be charged by Linden Lab at the usual full-service sim rate of US$295. Tier has been paid up until May 8th.

*** Please contact Alchemy Cyannis directly if you wish to purchase this sim. ***

We invite you to send an IM or to email Alchemy at:  

*** PLEASE be sure you've read this posting FIRST so you understand the terms of the sale. ***


Best wishes,
Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis.

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