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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Closing Our Cottage Rentals and Selling All of Our Rental/Recreational Sims

Immortalis and I are going to return to focusing strictly on building for our Alchemy Immortalis brand, and will be closing down the cottage rentals and recreational sims.

We are selling all of our sims except for our main "Alchemy Immortalis" retail sim.  There is one full region estate, and 3 homestead region estates.  We've priced them far below the retail value you would pay if you were to buy these sims from Linden Lab.  Below we have outlined the sims we are offering, the price for each, and the monthly tier fees and due dates.  We've also offered information on what comes with each sim, and what does not.

These sims will only be for sale until for the next few weeks, and then they will be gone, sold or not.  If you are interested in purchasing one or more, please contact Alchemy Cyannis directly to enquire.   (IM, notecard or email:  )

Please note that Linden Lab charges a $100 transfer fee (we've listed this with each), which includes the cost of moving it to your own preferred location and renaming it if you choose.  Sims cannot be left in their current position in the Alchemy Immortalis region.

If you haven't had a chance to stay in one of the cottages yet and want to enjoy these sims one last time before they disappear, there are a few cottages open until the end of January.  Please visit our rental centre for availability and pricing.  More info here:

Here are the sims we are selling:

FULL REGION:  (retail price:  $1,000)

HOMESTEAD REGIONS:  (retail price $375)

* NOTE: MUST already own a full region in order to purchase/own a homestead region.


  • existing terraforming
  • existing landscaping (please note: some of the landscaping is COPY/no transfer, so we will provide you with our full sim landscaping kit at no extra charge to replace those pieces as you choose)
  • existing cottages (please note: these are COPY/no transfer, so we will provide you with your own COPY version  at no extra charge to replace the existing ones)
  • if you purchase Saerlaith, you will get the existing lighthouse


The following items were made by other creators, and are non transferable, but we'll provide you with the information on where to buy your own to replace them.
  • the weather system
  • the mega waves and seafoam
  • the animated mermaids and NPCs
  • the touring cars
  • animated rowboats
  • the thick fog masses on Saerlaith
  • a couple of metal railing pieces on the docks on all sims


Immortalis and I both want to thank the amazing people who have stayed with us during the past year we have been operating the rental service.  We are incredibly grateful for the ways that you enriched our rustic little Irish community!

Many, many thanks,
Alchemy Cyannis.
"May your troubles be less
And your blessing be more
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door."

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