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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pin it to Win It!

Bet ya didn't know we're on Pinterest, and bet ya didn't know you can pin our stuff to your own boards to WIN your favourite Alchemy Immortalis schwag!

5 lucky people are each going home with their 5 favourite Alchemy Immortalis products on September 29th.

Here's How ...

  1. Pin your favourite products from here in our blog, or our SL Marketplace shops (Alchemy Immortalis or Alchemy's Attic), or re-pin them from our Pinterest Boards,

    or ...

    snap a picture of the thing(s) you crave in one of more of our shops and post it to your own blog, Flickr or your other favourite photo-sharing web site, then Pin it (them)!

  2. In the description of the item you've pinned, tell us why you just can't live without it! (Yes, that's right, it's all about the sucking up. More about that below.)

  3. Be sure to include the tag "Alchemy Immortalis" in your pin description somewhere.

  4. to point us to your pin(s).

Whose Pin Will Win?

  • Items must be pinned by midnight (SLT/PST) on Friday, September 28th, 2012 to be eligible to win.

  • The 5 people with the most creative pitches are gonna go home with the loot!

    (That's right, we did say sucking up! And by sucking up, we mean the people who find a way of letting us know they really, really want that product in a way that's either kitschy, or funny, or touching, or ... <insert other PG/non-pornographic reference here>}

  • Each of the 5 winners gets to take home up to 5 of the items they pinned. (Of course they must be items created by and still for sale by the team at Alchemy Immortalis ; )

  • On Saturday, September 29th we will announce the winners here in our blog.

The Fine Print ...

  • By "item" we mean an individual product for sale, not a picture of the entire shop ; )

  • Yes, it can be a big item, like our Gatehouse Cottage, or a landscaping fatpack, so long as it's something for sale, with it's own individual price point, either in our inworld shop or one of our 2 shops on Marketplace.

  • Can you pin something you already own but want to win for a friend? You bet!

  • Can you pin the awesome new stuff we'll be releasing after this posting and before September 28th? Darn straight, Skippy!

  • What if you really, really, really can't live without it, and you buy it before September 28th, and then you win? We'll refund your purchase price for that item.

Still have questions? Send Alchemy Cyannis an IM. She'll be happy to help.

Time to get pinning!

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