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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

FLASH SALE: 75% OFF our Gatehouse Cottage for 24 Hours Only!

Gatehouse Cottage

A L$4,725 value for only L$1,182!

ohmahgawd, they've lost their little sheepie minds! (or at least a few digits off our price point ... )

For the next 24 hours we'll be offering our Gatehouse Cottage at a 75% discount. This offer will end at 6pm SLT on Thursday, August 9th, 2012, and is only available on purchases made through the vendor in our main inworld shop.

A preview cottage is on display just outside the front doors of our main shop. (Please note, this flash sale does not include any of the furnishings on display in the preview cottage. The price includes the cottage only. Furnishings sold separately.)

About the Gatehouse Cottage

Based on the original Gatehouse Cottage from the photo-shoot favourite Empress and Hierophant SIM, this is one of the coziest homes you'll ever own in Second Life! Patterned after authentic rustic Irish cottages, from the mossy thatched roof to the beckoning glow and crackle of a truly realistic hearth, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time to a place that is in every way most genuinely home.

With a delicious architectural salvage feel, the Gatehouse Cottage will be a treat to furnish with your favourite rustic treasures, and some of the most fun you've ever had decorating for Christmas! (Watch for our Winter add-on pack to dress the outside for the season too, available later this month.)

The cottage features an easy-to-use controller, offering lots of ways to customize your home both inside and out. Change the floors, the walls, the windows and the curtains with just a few clicks. Shimmering light rays that you can allow to stream through the windows and French Pane glass doors, or turn off. Assign managers who can access the cottage's settings, and guests who you wish to welcome into your home. You can even christen your cottage with it's own special name, embracing a very personal, centuries-old homesteading tradition.

This 2-storey pastoral jewel has been created from sculpts and textures crafted completely in-house, with elaborate shading, lighting and colours, and an intimately unparalleled attention to detail on every single prim.

Add some of our rustic Irish grasses to complete the landscaping of your cozy new home, shown in the related products section below.

  • 190 base prims / 54 optional (244)

  • (base rezzables: cottage - 173 / roof - 9 / doors - 8)
    (optional rezzables: light rays - 17 / curtains - 28 / fire - 9)

  • Free, automated updates.

  • Modifiable so you can truly make it your own! (Please note, some of the rezzables are not directly modifiable, but can be updated through the controller; for instance: curtains, the fire in the hearth and the doors.)

  • Ability to set security on door access

  • Ability to assign managers who can access the cottage's settings

  • Changeable wall, floor, and window textures

  • Optional curtains (colour-changing)

  • Optional fire in hearth

  • Optional light rays shining through doors and windows

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