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Thursday, 9 August 2012

FLASH SALE: 75% OFF our Landscaping Fatpacks for 24 Hours Only!

The Elements of Empress and Hierophant

A L$1,999 value for only L$500!

Day 2, and the deals continue! Four more great discounts to share ...

For the next 24 hours we'll be offering selected landscaping fat-packs at a 75% discount. This offer will end at 6pm SLT on Friday, August 10th, 2012, and is only available on purchases made through the vendor in our main inworld shop.

Want to take a look at these pieces up close? They were used to create our Empress and Hierophant sim. Why not hop in one of our vintage roadsters and take a tour around the island to check them out? Touch the lamp post to rez a roadster and hop in. It does the driving for you. Just sit back and enjoy : )

Other Landscaping Fat-Packs on Sale

About the Elements of Empress and Hierophant Fat-Pack

  • Empress and Hierophant Sim Texture, plus 2 unreleased sim textures (copyable/nm/nt)

  • Unreleased Mounded Path Prims

  • Unreleased Bridge Arch Prims

  • Traditional Irish Dry Stack Walls, plain and grassy to match the sim textures

  • 6 Standing Stones

  • 12 land prims for those that do not own sims. Sizes are 10x10 and 20x20

  • Unreleased ancient tree used currently on the Alchemy Immortalis SIM. (2 sizes)

  • Matching "Tree Root" accent walls in 2 sizes.

  • 1 Weathered and Rustic Stone Arch Bridge

  • Many, many Stone garden walls in plain, grassy, and flowered versions.

  • 3 step stairs in plain and grassy to match included sim grass.

  • 4 Road Prims and 4 Unreleased Dirt Path Prims to match the included green grass texture.

A Note from Immortalis about the Inspiration Behind the Elements Kit

If you happen to google the sim or search on Flickr, you'll find the SIM has been a photographer's playground for some time. Alchemy and I have been humbled by it's popularity because The Empress and Hierophant SIM was originally created as our private home based on Ireland.
I was born around Dublin and recreated this based on memory for Alchemy. The sim itself was named after us, Alchemy as the Empress and I, the Hierophant.

I've travelled internationally and find myself settled in another country now. Fondly I remember the rain and green. Times I am homesick, Empress and Hierophant has done well easing it. I hope others enjoy the ability now to take a bit of the Emerald Isle home with them.

- Immortalis.

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