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Saturday, 28 July 2012

NEW! Satis House Ticking and Toil Daybed -- The Ultimate Social Hub!

A good piece of furniture lights up a room.

A great piece of furniture fuels adventures.

The Satis House Ticking and Toil Daybed is an elegant shape-shifter, morphing from the Victorian charm of warm wood and textiles and a genteel quilt, to a darker masculine aesthetic, complete with lush fur throws.

It's also the launchpad for great conversations, intimate cuddles and a heady set of aether salon style indulgences, from pipes, tea and brandy to books that read themselves to you.

With 105 different social interaction presets installed, you won't have any trouble finding the perfect way to kick-start great conversations and hours of deep, personal connecting between friends and lovers. (See a full list of the categories available below).

This isn't just a place to sit. It's a place to connect. You won't find the same old boring sit poses in this sofa that you find in other furniture. We spent months combing the grid for the very best animation sets to add to our own, ensuring this sofa will become one of the most valuable lifestyle launch pads you own.


  • 105 different social presets, including:
    • 21 solo feminine

    • 19 solo masculine

    • 7 couples

    • friend combos: 20 m-f, 20 f-f, 18 m-m

  • 11 fabrics & 2 different woods

  • 6 optional throws (knotted quilt or draped fur)

  • dispenses animated tea, wine, brandy, pipe, cigarettes & a book that reads itself to you


COPY/MODIFY/no transfer - L$575 each


That's what we were hoping you'd say when you added this special piece to your own virtual life. We tried to imagine every possible combination of social interaction when we created our animation base, from casual chats to decadent indulgences. Then we took that a step further and made it easy for you to dream up and install more combinations of your own through a simple notecard system. Touch the sofa to rez a placement guide to make seating choices fit you perfectly. Mix up the animations we've included to create new social combinations, or toss in a few of your own to really make it fit.


We gave you 11 different textiles sets, 6 different throws and 2 different wood styles to choose from. You can turn the throws off completely, or have the sofa's smart mode display them only when no one is sitting.

Like the quilt/throw, an optional pair of gentle blush tulips can be displayed when no one is sitting (again, the sofa's smart mode automatically manages them), or not at all.

Still not happy with the choices? The sofa is modifiable so that you can add your own favourite textiles and touches, and it's copyable in case you accidentally muck something up and need to replace it.


"Indulge" animations sets include a variety of dispensable, animated drinks and smoking props, including tea, wine, brandy, cigarettes and a pipe.

There are also newspapers, and even book props that read themselves to you in a number of the animation sets.


The sofa's owner can share the management of settings if they choose, offering the following modes:

✔ owner only
✔ group
✔ anyone, or ...
✔ a specific list of people (store names in a simple guest notecard)


Available in our shop inworld, and also on the Marketplace website.

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