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Friday, 27 July 2012

NEW! Regaelia Orchid Wreath Chandelier

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Regaelia Orchid Wreath Chandelier

Brimming with southern charm, this accent will add an elegant touch to your favourite spaces while bathing them with a warm, gentle glow.

Donning 6 different metals and 9 delicious summer pastel and metallic waxes, you'll be able to create a look and feel that fits your other favourite furnishings perfectly.

Not happy with the preset choices? The chandelier is modifiable so that you can add your own favourite textiles and touches.

The Regaelia is a wonderful companion piece to our "Satis House Ticking and Toil Daybed" and an excellent showpiece to add to our Aether Salons.

  • light and extinguish realistic candle flames on touch

  • 9 different candle waxes, including:
    cream, cool white, bright white, gold pewter, silver, blush, mint and lavender

  • 6 different metals, including:
    silver, bright gold, dark gold, pewter, patina and copper

  • easy shared management

  • modifiable so you can truly make it your own


TRANSFER/MODIFY/no copy - L$245 each

COPY/MODIFY/no transfer - L$245 each


The chandelier's owner can share the management of settings if they choose, offering the following modes:

✔ owner only
✔ group
✔ anyone, or ...
✔ a specific list of people (store names in a simple guest notecard)


Available in our shop inworld, and also on the Marketplace website, in both COPY and TRANSFER formats.

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