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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Get Everything in this Scene for Less than the Cost of the Daybed and the Chandelier

SCENE PACK: Daybed, Chandelier and Room Props

A L$1,265 value for only L$795!

Scene Pack contains:

  • Satis House Ticking and Toil Daybed - (L$575 value )

  • Regaelia Orchid Wreath Chandelier [C] - (L$245 value)

  • Garden Party Teapot [C] - (L$125 value)

  • China Teacup on a Stacks of Books [C] - (L$95 value)

  • China Teacup on Stacked Grimoires [C] - (L$75 value)

  • A Spray of Pink and Dusky Rose Petals [C] - (L$50 value)

  • A Spray of Cream Rose Petals (tintable) [C] - (L$50 value)

  • Navid Persian Rug [C] - (L$50 value)

  • stage shown in picture not included

  • pieces also sold separately

Want to Know More About the Two Starring Pieces?

Read our blog posts about them here ...

The full Scene Pack is available in our shop inworld, and also on the Marketplace website.

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