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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Time for a handful of Egyptian-inspired baubles, and one that you can take home for free!

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"Khepri's Sun Talismanic Ring" Collection

Khepri one of the most notable Egyptian gods, was hailed for his ceaseless pushing of the sun across the sky each day. Characterized as a god with a human shape bearing the head of the revered scarab beetle, Khepri is often associated with the themes of "new beginnings" and "rebirth".

This ring has been designed with metallic scarab-inspired accents, embracing gems with the brilliance of Khepri's sun. The gems were chosen for their significance in ancient Egyptian culture, each having specific healing and talismanic powers, and found adorning some of the most exquisite pieces of historic jewelry and antiquities.

Our "intentional jewelry" is invested with a great deal of care in the craftsmanship, and made to embrace meaningful celebrations of daily life, making the pieces excellent gifts for special people.

  • unisex ring is available in 6 different gemstone settings

  • highly detailed hand-painted oxidized hammered silver and cabochon gemstone textures

  • realistic glow and natural shine

  • exquisitely detailed custom sculpts

  • simple resizing and pose-system to help with fitting

  • arrives in a gorgeous gilt ring box with opening/closing lid

The ring is available with 6 different gemstone settings.


TRANSFER/MODIFY/no copy - L$375 each
COPY/MODIFY/no transfer - L$375 each

Available in our shop inworld, and also on the Marketplace website, in both COPY and TRANSFER formats.

Click the pictures or links below them to purchase the corresponding pieces on Marketplace, or visit us inworld.

And, yes, we did say you could take one home for free! Pop out to the SL9B birthday bash and join the Egyptian Hunt. Today's clue will lead you straight to a dig that contains the Carnelian version of our new ring, in copy/no transfer format. (If you want the transferable version for gift giving you can still pick it up in our shop, or on the Marketplace web site).

HUNT TIP: The Egyptian Hunt is centred around the Egyptian Stage across 2 sims: Shindig and KittyCatS SL9B Party Time. There will be seven gifts to find, one per day. Hints are offered through explorer David Abbot's journal in the SL9B blog, showing a picture offering a directional hint, and a photo of the object in situ. Good luck!

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

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