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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Launching Lanterns on Alchemy Immortalis (with a little help from our friends)

Someone recently approached us about having an area where they could donate to show support for the various things we do on the SIMS. In the past, I have always said no, we do not accept donations. In my head, donations were charity and we don't feel we need charity. We've always preferred earning money that supports the sims by creating items for retail, which in turn supports our various projects and tiers.

Recently I (Immortalis) had a chat with several people that changed my perception.

Over the years, the sims have been places people have found their significant other. They may have met there, proposed, or even married on the sims. There are people that come to the sims simply to sit in the quiet and be inspired. Perhaps there are experiences that have changed your life in some way and you want to give back. Through talking with some of our fans in greater detail about these experiences we have come to understand these requests and have built an area that we hope is a beautiful way to donate by using our peace lantern launching set up that we had out at the 2012 Home and Garden Expo. The lanterns, we feel are appropriate because they are traditionally used as ways to celebrate across the world, and if you are donating, we hope it is because there has been something we have built that is beautiful and enriched your life in some way.

You can take the journey through our caverns, starting at the entrance, or go directly to the lantern launch platform.
(Don't forget to go to midnight.  The lighting is magical.)

Click here to read our original posting about the Lanterns.

-Immortalis Cyannis.

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