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Friday, 4 May 2012

A Truly Unique New Collection of Rugs -- Bet Ya Don't Have One This Plush!

Drop by the shop to scoop up a handful of our 45 new rugs across 11 different collections, designed to compliment our new "Haute Seat" fashion furnishings and accessories.

Fun and affordable at only L$65 each (discounted even further in our Fat Packs), you can give your favourite space a fast, funky spring makeover. Each rug morphs from rectangular to oval at the touch of a button, and dons a one-of-a-kind ultra-plush pile.

Head over to the gallery in our new releases section to preview and purchase the Fat Packs, or buy the rugs individually from the floor models scattered about the shop. You can also purchase the Fat Packs by right clicking the jewelled dome displayed in the centre of the floor models.

(Not yet available on the Marketplace web site. We'll post links to the Fat Packs once they're available there.)

What Makes the New Collections So Unique?

Immortalis explains ...

Hello hello everyone,

The rug collections in the store came about because I was looking for a rug for underneath my latest chair "Lelio's Throne". Lelio's Throne is a stately and solid chair that needed a strong foundation to frame its design. Rugs are the elements that frame a room. The first, and matching collection is the )AI( - "Tendril Ballad Collection".

Well...then I went a little crazy with themes and colours. From tea in a palace to dining in a gypsy vardo, this world collection takes you on a thrilling tour of the most exotic places on earth. I also encourage you to be challenged by your surroundings, by stepping out of what is comfortable, as you would hopefully do when traveling to new exciting places. For example, the Gypsy Vardo collection isn't one I normally find myself attracted to because of the dominance of yellows or pinks and mish-mashing them all together. However, that collection sets my mind soaring in daydreams of what it would be like living in a gypsy vardo (wagon), sitting around a campfire with the smells of spices, smoke, and earth settling into my clothing. Your surroundings have the power to transport you, and I hope you open yourself up to new sights and habits.

A lot of rugs inworld tend towards thinness, which is a wonderful aesthetic for certain decor styles. It's more rare to find something really extravagant, plush and with a deep pile. This was achieved by hand modelling the carpet pile directly to the mesh, then texturing the mesh object, instead of painting the pile into the texture. I also modeled a depth to the rug including a bound rim that is textured a complimentary colour.

What this achieves is a realistic carpet texture and I hope each rug challenges you, whilst bringing personality to your home.

-Immortalis Cyannis

Available in our shop inworld in COPY/MOD format.

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