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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Onyx Splendor Candlestick Chandelier and Candelabra Collection

Part of our "3 Sheeps to the Wind" Pub Collection, this line of candelabras is designed to compliment our new "Haute Seat" fashion furnishings and accessories.

The heavier, masculine aesthetic makes these the perfect addition to a gothic castle, steampunk salon or medieval pub. But don't let the testosterone tease stop you from mixing them up with fashion furnishings and more contemporary spaces. We've invested our signature elegant detailing into the hand-painted textures, making this piece a sexy companion for your own favourite furnishings.

Dramatise your court with panache!


TRANSFER/MODIFY/no copy - L$125 each

COPY/MODIFY/no transfer - L$245 each

  • Low prim, high detail.

  • Easy menu to turn electric candles ON/OFF.

  • Stylized with art nouveau bulbs instead of flames.

  • Holder accents can be changed from Silver to Bronze.

  • Highly detailed hand-painted textures with realistic lighting and shadows.

  • Gentle, realistic lighting and glow.

  • Add names or GROUP to notecard to permit others to manage/use.

Available in our shop inworld, and also on the Marketplace website, in both COPY and TRANSFER formats.

Click the pictures or links below them to purchase the corresponding pieces on Marketplace, or visit us inworld.

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

[ COPY version ] ... [ TRANSFER version ]

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