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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NEW! Stone Forest Build Kit (Used to Create Our Expo Pavilion)

If you're looking to create your own soul trek or epic escape you can pick up the builders kit Immortalis created to craft our "Stone Forest" pavilion at the "Home and Builders Expo 2012" (see pictures, below).

The kit contains 14 uniquely crafted and textured stone pieces from our studio, including stalagmites, boulders, animated waterfalls, steps of varying shapes, platforms and even the shadow box display for those who would like to use the kit to create a dramatic gallery or shop.

Please note that the kit does not contain the bonsai trees, mountain brush foliage or pond plants (these will be sold separately in kits released shortly), nor does it contain the pagoda buildings at our display. The Pagodas were created by the very talented first-life architect, ryusho Ort, and can be found here: Ryu chinese square pavilion 48P and here: Ryu hexagonal watchtower 52P Ming dynasty series .

The kit can be picked up at the promo price of only L$199 during the Expo, out at our Expo site. After May 29th it returns to it's regular price of L$299, and will be available both in our main shop and on the Marketplace web site.

While you're taking a peek at the new building kit, don't forget to help us celebrate by launching a set of lanterns from the top of the mountain for as little as L$1, benefiting the American Cancer Society through SL Relay for Life. (You can learn more about the significance of the lanterns here.)

(Available for sale at our Expo site.)
100% of the Proceed go to Relay for Life.
Minimum suggested donation to purchase your own lantern kit: L$125

You can also purchase your own lantern kit for a donation of L$125). Celebrate yourself, friends or family as cancer survivors, or pay tribute to a loved one lost.

If you missed the public launch on Saturday, May 19th, we invite you to join us on the Prim Perfect Expo Stage at 4:00 p.m. each day until the Expo closes on May 29th, or take a trek to the top of the Alchemy Immortalis mountain at any time.

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