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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

FREE! Complete Garden Party Teaset in Celebration of Prim Perfect's 5th Birthday

To celebrate their 5th birthday, Prim Perfect magazine is hosting one of their biggest quests, with 90 different designers participating and contributing prizes!

Alchemy Immortalis is giving away our complete "Garden Party Tea Set" to help celebrate, including a teapot with steam and drip effects, teacup, animated sugar shell (including a mouse who peeks out from time to time, which can be shut off), one of our Patisserie Opera Cakes, a delicate plant in an antique jam jar, and our skirted tea service table too! All of these items are copiable so you can set out as many as you'd like, and totally FREE :D

How do you get your's? Find the hidden cupcake either in our patisserie, or our main Alchemy Immortalis shop. The cupcake you're hunting for has a large red number 5 on top. Buy it's contents for L$0 to get the complete tea set. To see a picture of it so you know what you're hunting for, check the bottom of this posting.

Wondering where to find it on our sims? (HINT: Come in, grab a seat and have a spot of tea in our garden of jewels, or, if you're famished, a bite to eat where we serve the treats!)

Be sure to visit the other participating shops, where there are a host of other really fantastic gifts. The hunt starts at the Prim Perfect headquarters.

You have until May 31st to find all the gifts before they disappear.

You also have a chance to win L$5,000 from Prim Perfect Magazine, and a top-end motorbike from the legendary Motor Loon

For more information on the quest, see page 10 of the new May issue of "Prim Perfect" magazine. (Click the picture below).

The hunt is arranged by The Whiz Hunts. Additional information can be found at their blog.

Happy hunting!

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