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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Blue Willow Rugs: Low-Prim, High-Detail & Only L$35 Each!

Looking for accents to coordinate with your new "Emperor's Throne" chair? Grab these low-prim, high-detail and very inexpensive throw rugs at the "Home and Garden Expo"!

They're only L$35 each and come with a shape changers that allows you to shift from a rectangular to oval style.

Like the other rugs in our collections, these actually have the pile built into the shape of the sculpt, not the texture, making them authentically plush and very unique.

Currently available only at the "Home and Garden Expo 2012".

Available in the following format: COPY / MODIFY / no transfer

Come on out and visit us at the Expo to take a closer look at these high-quality, low-prim, low-priced treasures for yourself.

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