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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Blue Willow Pillow Pack: 8 Pillows - 3 Shapes Each Only L$99!

All 8 pillows with 3 shapes each bundled up in our L$99 promo pack at the "Home and Garden Expo"!

Part of our new "Haute Seat Collection" of furnishings, the "Blue Willow" edition of our haute couture fashion pillows morphs into 3 differently sculpted shapes, and looks great on our matching "Emperor's Throne - Blue Willow Edition" chairs. (See related posting for pictures and more information about the chairs here.)

Currently available only at the "Home and Garden Expo 2012".
  • 8 pillows -- 3 looks each!

  • Copiable so you can spread them around your digital digs artfully.

  • Modifiable so you can resize them to make them fit your favourite pieces perfectly, and ditch the script once you've got the shape you want.

  • Mix and match with the other toss cushions in this collection to keep your spaces fresh and fun.

Currently available in the following format: COPY / MODIFY / no transfer

Come on out and visit us at the Expo to take a closer look at these high-quality, low-prim, low-priced treasures for yourself.

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