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Friday, 6 April 2012

NEW! Easter Wreath Collection with Gilt Hangers in Our Shops Inworld and on Marketplace

We wanted to do something really special for Easter, so in addition to creating some really lush new foliage we've added elegant gilt hangers to our latest collection of high-detailed, low-prim wreaths (available both in our shop inworld and on Marketplace).

Pictured above is our Calla Lily Wreath, with a dove nestled in it's lower bowers.

The wreaths are modifiable so that you can recolour the bow (and other pieces if you wish), and so you can resize them so that they fit your own special spaces perfectly. They also ship in our elegant cello-wrap and peacock feather gift baskets to make sharing them with friends even more special.

If you would like to buy the gilt hangers separately so you can add them to your other wreaths you can pick them up in our landscaping centre inworld, where you can also get a close-up peek at the wreaths.

Here's a peek at the new Easter collection, with each picture clicking through to it's respective wreath on Marketplace:

Easter Collection

Seraph Flowering Dogwood Wreath

Flowering Dogwood Wreath with Butterflies & Berries

Dogwood & Hydrangea Blossom Wreath

Dogwood & Hydrangea Blossom Wreath with Butterflies & Berrie

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