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Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Haute Seat Collection: Kicking Off a New Line of Fun Fashion Furnishings

Dramatise your court with panache!

  • neoclassical curves

  • 18 fierce colours

  • 2 leather back styles

  • 4 single male poses

  • 4 single female poses

  • 4 couples poses

  • tight details and scripting

  • coordinated pillow packs availalable separately

Available in our shop inworld, and also on the Marketplace website, in both black with black leather, and mahogany with brown leather.

Currently available in the following format: COPY / MODIFY / no transfer

Price: L$475

Hi everyone, Immortalis here.

I switched gears from working on the pub architecture, to the furnishings of the pub lounge. Although it's an Irish pub, I wanted it to be a mixture of modern and traditional in the back lounge so came up with an eclectic mix of textiles on the bones of a traditional gondola chair shape.

Originally, and this is how it usually goes with Alch and I, it was going to be designed as one or two colour options. It exploded into 18.

Then I decided it needed prop pillows, a few new poses for the gentlemen, and the ability to add this asthetic to other pieces you may own by designing a seperate coordinating pillow pack.

Whew! What might have taken a couple of days turned into a week but we're proud to present this funky peek into the pub and we hope you enjoy the rest as the collection as we design the rest of the room furnishings.

After, this, I'll return to designing the home bar. I'm finding it more satisfying designing the pub room by room, instead of pub building first, and then dealing with all of the furnishings.

What's in a Name?

I absolutely stumble over naming because neither Alch nor I name products or collections haphazardly. I stumble over balancing time over chosing something with meaning over making a deadline.

With this collection, the naming came fairly easily because of the place this collection comes from. At heart, this collection represents a light hearted look at the comedy of fashion. It pokes fun at what is fashionable, and pulls off being fashionable at the same time. I don't like taking things too seriously and being that this chair is a gondola chair, meaning the arms slope sharply downwards resembling the prow of a gondola, I explored Italian comedy.

This brought me to the theatrical art form of Commedia dell'arte. It comes from the early Italian Renaissance. The character that spoke to me most was a lad named Lelio. Lelio was known to be dapper and engaging..and, as many agree, a trifle ridiculous. Aristocracy at it's most amusing and flamboyant.! The queen of dandy fabulousness.


Take a peek at the coordinating pillow packs below, only L$45 each ...

(clicking on a picture will open the pillow's listing on Marketplace in a new window)

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