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Friday, 23 March 2012

The Thirsty Sheep (and his very huggable friend)

Our iconic flock has a new recruit, and he's been spotted hanging out in the "3 Sheeps to the Wind" pub atop one of the tables, enjoying someone's pint!

Adopt this saucy critter to tuck him into your own favourite space, complete with optional lapping tongue, and the authentic "pub salute" (em ... burps, that is).

The owner can turn these features on and off at will, or simply enjoy the new addition as a non-animated prop.

Your new pet ships in a crate that is full of the same kind of hijinx the sheep themselves are known for.  Stand back when you unpack it!  It's a live one ; )

For a closer peek and listen, drop by our new Pub Collection department in our main shop.  He's also available on our Marketplace website shop.


We've tucked a free gift into the crate for our favourite shepherds: a free "huggable" sheep with pose and soundeffects when worn.


The sheep have their own group on Flickr and KoinUp!

Want to share the antics of your own herd? Go ahead and post a pic to our wooly family albums:

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