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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Steampunk Edition Draped Memoire Table

Our popular Draped Memoire table is now modifiable and has received a Steampunk makeover, offering:
  • 16 different distressed apron textiles
  • upper and lower cloths can be changed separately with endless combinations
  • lower cloth can be hidden
  • 10 pedestal textures
  • modifiable so you can add resize and add your own favourite textures
This table has a much darker aesthetic than our original "Stained Ticking and Toile" version (still available in our "Alchemy's Attic" shop on Marketplace and also in our inworld store), and is the perfect companion for the new "The Boyfriend Lamp - Steampunk Edition", with complementary themes, and just the right amount of surface space to support it's myriad of fun and rustic rezzables.

Click the table top to start cycling through the 16 different textile choices available.

Alternatively you can touch the bottom cloth to change it's textures.

To stop the texture cycling, touch the floor near the table's base, then touch again to bring up the menu.

Want to take a closer peek? You'll find this item currently on display in the lobby of our inworld store. Click here to peek now, or click the picture at the top of this posting to purchase it.

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