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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sneak Peek at Our New "3 Sheeps to the Wind" Pub

When you work with a perfectionist, it's impossible to resist peeking over their shoulder from time to time at their process, and in my case, done almost always in awe. Immortalis has been hard at work on our new "3 Sheeps to the Wind" pub, a space we hope will give our residential tenants and guests a fun and authentically Irish place to share a pint and a bit of cheer.

I'll admit I was already excited when I watched him put together the untextured, plain-prim prototype. It was easy to imagine people nestling into snugs listening to bodhráns and fiddles in this cozy place. And then he busted out the digital NOS :D This week he began bringing in the actual sculpted pieces and test textures, and a very vivid and living energy emerged from the simple facade.

We had a logo! (and of course -it- had the requisite, iconic sheep ;) The textures are touchable and highly detailed, with distressed wood, burnished brass and paint that's literally peeling off the prims, a rare dimensionality that makes it pop out of the screen.

The thing that drives him mad and me to delight is his insistence on upping the bar with every new thing he tackles. He's spent the better part of the past 2 months perfecting his workflow between a very new version of Blender, Zbrush and a handful of SL-based tools that allow him to create realistic sculpts and textures in a way he's never done it before.

Here are much more detailed versions of the pictures for a closer peek:

Facade # 1

Facade # 2


These pictures really don't convey the essence of what is so darn cool about the build I see emerging in our studio, but we hope the sneak peek will offer a little taste of what's to come.

I'll tuck in one last link, which will port you to the spot on the ground that is the future home of our pub, where we hope to be inviting you in for a pint sometime next month.

Slán go fhoil,

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