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Friday, 16 March 2012

Deirdre of the Sorrows Jewelry Collection on Time for St. Patrick's Day

Skip the green beer and help yourself to something more authentically Irish for St. Patrick's Day this year. Head over to Alchemy Immortalis where you'll find a new collection of jewelry honouring the unbreakable devotion of legendary Irish lovers, Deirdre and Naoise.

Parted in death at the hands of a king, the two lovers were buried side-by-side. From Deirdre's grave a tree grew and, from Naoise's grave grew another. The two trees met and became so intertwined that nothing could ever part them again.

Celebrate this St. Patrick's Day with a exquisite unisex ring donning the intertwined branches of these two lovers embracing a stunning emerald and smoky quartz gems. Custom-crafted sculpts and textures are the hallmark of our jewelry collections, with this ring offering 3 different metal choices on the accent pieces surrounding an elegant bronze band.

The rings also ship in our brand new Ornate Jeweled Ringbox (pictured at the bottom of this post).

You can pick the ring up in our Marketplace shop, or in the Alchemy Immortalis shop inworld, where the companion pieces are also on display on a pedestal in our jewelry department. Click the picture below to port to our inworld store to have a peek.

Right clicking the individual pieces in the display will allow you to purchase them.

Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day from the virtual Emerald Isles ...

-- Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis.

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