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Friday, 30 March 2012

Bronze Ram's Head Corbel from our "3 Sheeps to the Wind" Pub Collection

Hi everyone.  Today's release actually was not intended to be a separate release. Funny how things place themselves at the front of your personal deadlines. I was building a portion of the new bar for the pub and spent most of the day texturing the oxidation of hammered bronze of a ram's head. I was inspired by grotesques and thought I could hang this above the fireplace as well. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me originally to release this as it's own product. I don't give thought to other people possibly enjoying architectural salvage items the way Alchemy and I do in home decor. I showed her my progress for the day and as she would say, she lost her "little girlie mind." I took that to mean it should be released as a stand alone item. So, because of Alchemy, this is now available in the store for your antiquing and salvage pleasure.

I also plan on using the head as a starting point for redoing the flock of sheep on the SIMs soon. However, we are both waiting to see how the pathfinding experiments go before we create flocks that actually wander around.

Next up on my list of things to create are Guinness specific pouring animations. There is a certain way you have to pour from the tap and thus far we cannot find proper anims that confer this so I might as well make one that fits the beer dispensing system I'm building for the pub, eh? I was hoping to release the home bar today but I keep chasing the details of the bar such as the sheep sculpture and authentic beer dispensing. Oi....but if you're serious about your pints and your pubs, you likely don't mind my taking my time to create the details.

I hope this little ram's head brings a little personality to your spaces,
Immortalis Cyannis

(For a closer peek drop by our new Pub Collection department in our main shop.  He's also available on our Marketplace website shop in both a copy version as well as a transferable version.)

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