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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Boyfriend Lamp - Steampunk Edition (Instant Romance Kit!)

We've given our original "Boyfriend Lamp" a decidedly Steampunk twist, with a whole new set of themed presets and rezzables, and now even modifiable to boot! (Note: if you're looking for the original lamp, it's still available in our "Alchemy's Attic" shop on Marketplace).

This eclectic little "instant romance" kit is chocked full of fun.

It's a veritable swiss army knife for romance, with chick lit, chocolate & a whole lot more!

20 optional rezzables, including:

  • sharable animated chocolates, wine, cognac & tea
  • vintage ephermera (old letters, poetry & theatre tickets)
  • wearable accessories (including a modifiable ascot)
  • secret interactive notes
  • drop "the hint" with baby items, including an interactive pregnancy test

  • switch light on and off
  • recolourable
  • 12 steampunk themed presets
  • interactive snapshot with a hidden note feature
  • access control (owner only, guest, group or anyone)
  • copiable so you can put out lamps in different colours
  • free updates!
• Base lamp is only 13 prims. Rezzable prim counts: various.

NOTE: The "Steampunk Edition Draped Memoire Table" shown in ad is sold separately.

Want to take a closer peek? You'll find this item currently on display in the lobby of our inworld store. Click here to peek now, or click the picture at the top of this posting to purchase it.

Want to try the chocolates from this lamp for yourself? Drop by our new "Sirènes et Moineaux" pâtisserie (featured in "Prim Perfect" magazine as one of the 10 most romantic places to spend Valentine's Day) to help yourself, free of charge, to some of the chocolates at our tasting bar.

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