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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Alchemy Immortalis Featured SIM/Designers in Prim Perfect Magazine March 2012

Pick up the new March 2012 issue of "Prim Perfect" magazine to learn a bit more about the team behind Alchemy Immortalis, grab a spring gift, and join in on a quest that could earn you L$5,000 from the "Prim Perfect" team, along with one of our Gatehouse Cottages and our full "Elements of Empress and Hierophant" sim landscaping kits.

You can read the articles online, but suggest dropping by our shop to pick up a copy at the Prim Perfect subscription kiosk so that you can receive the gifts that are embedded in the actual magazine, including the one we've tucked in with our own ad on page 32.

We rarely give interviews, but made an exception for Saffia Widdershin's crew this past month both on "Designing Worlds" on, and "Prim Perfect" magazine. Her staff on both sides are intelligent storytellers both in pixels and word, and a great deal of fun!

Looking for the free gift we shared with readers? Be sure to grab the inworld copy of Prim Perfect and flip to page 32, where you'll find a GIFT tab next to our current ad.

Want to know more about the inspiration behind some of the favourite spots on our Sims? Open to page 22 where AI is featured as "Region of the Month", where we talk with the wonderful Honour McMillan about some of the secrets and magic behind the 5 sims in our region, as well as some upcoming projects, like our "3 Sheeps to the Wind" pub, and the new community garden project.

On page 34 Honour shares a bit about us people and how we collaborate to create the magic that populates our digital canvas.

On page 50 she also shares some of our work as we're featured as "Designers of the Month", including more about those iconic mischief-makers, our Blackface Sheep.

On page 58 CeeJay Writer offers a tour through one of our Gatehouse Cottages (one of the prizes for the lucky winner of the quest!) and the rustic and decadent furnishings we tuck in. (By now you might have noticed, as she did, that we're just a bit obsessed with tea ; )

Thanks so much to Saffia Widdershins, Aisling Sinclair, Honour McMillan, Wildstar Beaumont, CeeJay Writer, GM Nikolaidis, Jedburgh30 Dagger, PJ Trenton, Java Jetcity, Winona Wiefel and the Prim Perfect crew for doing such a beautiful job of sharing our sims and our story!

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