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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gals, There's Still Time to Honour the Irish Tradition of Proposing to Your Bloke on Leap Day!

Ladies, if you believe in the legend of St. Brigid of Kildare, then today's the day to propose to your favourite bloke!

According to lore this fifth-century Irish nun asked St. Patrick to grant permission for women to propose marriage. She argued that she heard many complaints from single women that their suitors were too shy to propose, so the patron saint of Ireland presumably granted permission for women to propose once every seven years. However, St. Brigid insisted that St. Patrick allow proposals every leap day instead, and when he agreed, she dropped to one knee and proposed to him on the spot. St. Patrick refused, kissing her on the cheek and offering her a silk gown to ease the pain, with this gift becoming Irish tradition should any man refuse a woman's leap-day proposal.

We have something very special for Brigids about to pop the question: transferable versions of our popular Emerald "Foy Porter" rings here and here.

If you're a Patrick and have just dashed a poor girl's heart, we have the fix for that too, with our Memories of Callypigian tulle-draped silk gown, and it's scarlet Belle Epoque companion.

Need the perfect place to pop the question? We've got you covered there too! Drop by our Irish sims and touch one of the upright standing stones to rez proposal poseballs at your feet to pop the question in authentic atmosphere and style :D

You'll find Standing Stones throughout our Empress and Hierophant sim, and Standing Stone circles on both our Inis Caiseal and Alchemy Immortalis sims, with the latter being right across from our romantic little Sirènes et Moineaux pâtisserie where you can drop in to grab a glass of celebratory wine!

If the night goes really well, why not drop by our rental centre to take a peek and see if one of our romantic skyboxes is available to rent for the night? They're only L$500 each for a full 24-hours of romantic indulgence.

Missed Leap Day? Just don't believe in all this folklore hoohah? Not to worry! You're a modern woman and don't have to wait for Leap Year to arrive once every four years to pop the question to your favourite guy. Get out to those standing stones and have at it, girl!

Here's to happily ever afters ...
Alchemy & Immortalis Cyannis.

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