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Thursday, 10 November 2011

What's New on the Alchemy Immortalis SIMs? A Note from Immortalis ...

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a brilliant fall season full of family, fun and a little more sun before we dive into winter. If you have not been to the Alchemy Immortalis SIMs of late, you may be surprised to know we are now a collection of 5 sims.

1) Alchemy Immortalis

This is our original retail sim for our store of the same name. Often people ask where our tip jar is because they want to support the Irish parkland SIMs, we often point people back to our store simply because it feels wrong to take money for time spend relaxing on the sims. If you really want to support us, instead of donating perhaps pick up a little something in our shop. Tier is paid by retail sales and thus supports all of the parkland open to the public.

2) Empress and Hierophant

Empress and Hierophant is the little SIM that could.It's named after us in a way. Alchemy is the Empress. I'm (Immortalis) the Hierophant. Originally it was our private home. I built it in an Irish theme for Alchemy Cyannis. We opened it to the public and it quickly became a photography and holiday oriented sim for people wanting to get away into nature.What started as a small personal build quickly grew into the 5 Irish themed SIMs we have now.

3) Inis Caiseal

Inis Caiseal (pronounced "Inish Cashel") means Castle Island. It was purchased last year but was never fully developed until now. One of the big changes is the appearance of castle ruins(for which the sim is named) on the western headland over the harbour. a tunnel in the south, and extensive roadster touring system that loops through four SIMs. Of the 5 sims, it is also the only region officially designated as An Ghaeltacht. "An Ghaeltacht" means irish-speaking region. Although I'm Irish, I am not fluent. What I do remember is woefully poor...but, for Alchemy, I am designing a region that might give you a feel for what it would be like travelling through a Ghaeltacht region in the country. Please be careful on the roads, as the roadsters can run you over. Also mind the signs "STAD"(stop) and "Géill Slí"(yield) to help learn the traffic patterns.

Another navigation system we'll be bringing to the SIMs since the roadster tour has done so well is the ability to call a taxi to take you to various destinations if you want to simply get there, and not have to use the touring cars. Immortalis will likely launch this as the pub opens on Inis Caiseal.

If you'd rather tour by hoof, you might be interested in this next addition. If you own a horse that needs to be rezzed on land instead of worn as an attachment, you'll be happy to know we now have a stable on Inis Caiseal where you can do so.

The majority of the music is Sean Nós, which is unaccompanied traditional Irish singing, or single instrument, such as, uilleann pipes and accordian. Here is a list of some of my favourite singers you'll hear on Inis Caiseal. Many of the songs are by people lesser known outside of their counties in Ireland but admired greatly in Ireland for their devotion to preserving a rich tradition. This is a lovely introduction to some of the best singers to be found. You'll hear Nell Ni Chroinin from Macroom, County Cork singing "An Lacha Bacach." Cara Dillon is from Dungiven, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland and singing "Fil, Fil A Run Ó." She also won, at 14, the All Ireland Singing Trophy at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann....and so many more.

Also expect some new stories told by Pat Speigh, seanchaí, a modern bard preserving the tales of old such as "The Clever Daughter", "The Three Wishes", and "The Tinker of Telemacht."

If you take a look at the updated map of the sims, you'll notice space reserved on Inis Caiseal in the west, for a small country pub. Stay tuned for a traditional pub in the old style when many publicans were also grocers and undertaker. This would date it to the late 19th century

4) Ceangal

(Pronounced "Keng-uhl") From the moment we shared our Celtic "Empress and Hierophant" SIM almost 3 years ago, we dreamed out loud about opening a "Bed & Breakfast" experience. Last month we added a new sim called "Ceangal" (which is Irish for "connection" or "bond") in order to begin welcoming guests. We opened a small number of stay dates in order to understand if the amenities would properly meet guests needs. With our launch period complete we've opened the sim up to the public temporarily and invite you to explore.

If you've been wanting to immerse yourself more intimately in a little slice of our coastal Irish magic, drop by the Rental Calendar in our new "Alchemy Immortalis" shop to pick up a voucher for a one day stay at "The Sea Gypsy" at Ceangal.

If you would like to know a little bit more about our Bed & Breakfast experience, take a peek here.

5) Saerlaith

(Pronounced "Say-er-luh") A few weeks ago we expanded our "Bed and Breakfast" experience to include the Saerlaith sim. It's name hails from an old Irish word that means "noble queen". While Saerlaith has been closed to the public while we develop this newest location, we've opened it temporarily to invite you to peek around.


New Windlight Setting

And last but certainly not least we have 1 new windlight setting to the collection of 3 foggy settings. It's called ") AI ( Inis Caiseal Setting Sun." I was looking at a sunset picture taken in Wexford county, Leinster. With it's beautiful and bright hues, it's a lovely way to end the day. You can download this new windlight setting by clicking here.

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