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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Own Your Own French Bakery: Grab 1 of 10 Business-in-a-Box Kits Before They're Gone

Do you dream of running your own business in Second Life without the hassle of designing products and a compelling showcase? Drop by Alchemy Immortalis to pick up our new "Instant Patisserie" kit, a turn-key business package which includes the shop, the products, the vendors and the amenities.

Based on our Sirènes et Moineaux Patisserie (see it live here), the kit offers a novel way to add traffic to your own sim and make it sticky, cultivating a treasured destination that allows visitors to immerse themselves in a charming, intimate space.

Take advantage of our pre-sale! We'll only be offering 10 of these kits during the pilot period to ensure we can offer adequate support to the new shop owners. Pre-sale kits are available now, with the patisserie being delivered to the new owners this Saturday, November 5th.

(UPDATE: Due to the unprecedented response this sale received, and the fact that all 10 kits sold out in the first hour, we have set a handful more out in order to accommodate the heavy IM requests coming in.)

L$5,000 for a Complete Shop!

For less than USD$20.00 you can start your own business. We provide you with the shop (modifiable), affiliate vendors (which pay you 50% of all sales), café tables (which rez a variety of food items from the bakery for your customers to enjoy during their visit) and chairs (full of high-quality sitting, eating and drinking animations), and a full set of baked goods for display.

You can make the shop your own, easily changing the logo, the colours, and the display items within it. The building has a menu system that makes it easy to try on new looks at the touch of a button, offering you a variety of options to make your space personal and cozy.

Includes a custom logo. Create your own, or have Alchemy create a gilt sign text graphic of your shop's name for you at no extra charge. You simply drop this into the shop and use the easy menu system to tell it where to display your logo, including awnings, shelves and above the doors, branding your patisserie in a way that is uniquely you.

Optional Rezzables:

► Café Tables and Chairs
► Antique Patisserie Cabinets
► Awnings
► Lighting (pendant lights and chandeliers inside, and gaslamps outside)
► Curtains (lots of changeable lace and fabric options)
► Marble Display Tables
► Shelves
► Terrace with Wrought Iron Fencing
► Landscaping (changeable hedgerow around the fencing)
► Gargoyles and other Accents
► Chalkboard Display Easel

Things You Can Easily Customize Through the Menus:

► Logo
► Doors
► Windows
► Curtains
► Awnings
► Wood Surfaces

Affiliate Vendors

This package includes a set of affiliate vendors that give you an instant inventory of items to sell in your patisserie, paying you 50% of the profit from each sale in your shop. They will automatically display new items as they are released. The vendors are low lag and pay you instantly at the time of each sale.

Display our products, or your own, or mix them up! You are not obligated to put our affiliate vendors into your shop, and you can choose to put products and vendors from other designers alongside as you choose. Whether you're a pixel chef yourself, or simply looking for a fun, compelling way to market your favourite baked goods and café items from designers around the grid, the Patisserie package offers a great kickstart for an instant cozy retail and meeting place.

Display Product Starter Kit

This package includes a set of display items that you can place throughout your shop, showing customers live examples of the items that are available for sale through the affiliate vendors. This gives your patisserie an intoxicating ambience that will have your customer's mouths watering the minute they walk through your doors.

Co-Management Options

Admin menus allow you to permit others to manage the shop settings, and offers a guest list system if you wish to control entry to your shop.

Easy Updates and Add-Ons

The patisserie comes with a built-in update system, allowing you to easily upgrade it's features when maintenance releases become available. These are provided on a disk which you set down in your shop to update the Patisserie without having to replace it.

The menu system will accept add-on packages as they are released (sold separately), allowing you to add fun new features and themes to your shop, keeping it fresh and relevant.


Click here to visit the new "Alchemy Immortalis" shop to purchase 1 of only 10 vouchers available.


► Vouchers are transferrable so they can be given as a gift.

► When you buy a voucher on the shop wall you must take the prim into your inventory, as each is unique.

► Contact Alchemy Cyannis in order to redeem your voucher on Saturday, November 5th (or anytime thereafter).

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