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Monday, 11 July 2011

Dustbowl Clementine Rustic Farmhouse Bowls

Part of the "Dustbowl Clementine" line of vintage home treasures, and full of character, from their time-worn, fractured clay and hand-painted period hues, these stacked pottery bowls conjure up the nostalgia of depression era cooking in a quaint farmhouse kitchen.

Tuck these little pieces of history into your favourite kitchen nook to transport back to childhood memories of Grandma's kitchen and the smell of sugar cookies, apple pie and homemade bread baking over a wood fire in the cast-iron stove.

  • 9 distressed pottery textures (including solids and stripes in cobalt blue, red, gold & natural clay)
  • 80 distressed teatowel textures
  • delicious realism, from the glaze to the fractures and stains
  • tintable and modifiable to truly make them your own
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You can pick them up on the SL Marketplace web site, both with the draped teatowel, and without it.

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Also available filled with a variety of dispensable, farm-fresh edibles, from ripe tomatoes to windfall fruit. (More about that here.)

The bowls arrive in a beautiful, cello-wrapped gift basket with peacock feathers, making them the perfect house-warming gift.

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You can also pop into the Sirènes et Moineaux pâtisserie to pick up one of these bygone treasures, and enjoy the vintage French music while you're there.

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