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Monday, 11 July 2011

Celebrate the Holidays with our New Summer Berry Pie in Pâte Brissé and a Rustic Pottery Pie Plate

There's nothing that says summer quite as decadently as succulent field berries piled high in a flaky pâte brisée. Pâte Brisée is a rich shortbread-style pastry dough, and a delicious substitution for a regular pie crust.

The recipe for both the filling and this decadent crust are dispensed by the pie on touch so you can make them in your own kitchen.

  • Optional steam and dripping filling.
  • 9 different pie plate textures.
  • Dispenses recipe to make actual pie.
  • Modifiable to allow resizing and elimination of prims if you wish to simplify.

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You can pick this up on the SL Marketplace web site.

It arrives in a beautiful, cello-wrapped gift basket with peacock feathers, making them the perfect house-warming gift.

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You can also pop into the Sirènes et Moineaux pâtisserie to pick up this decadent treat, and enjoy the vintage French music while you're there.

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