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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sim Music Playlist: Celtic Harp

Many people enjoy visiting the sims to simply sit and relax and listen to the music that we play on various parcels. We are often asked to share our streams.

Unfortunately we do not use streams, but rather share our personal collections through a tool we created ourselves. While we are not able to provide streams for you to enjoy in your own spaces, we're sharing our playlists here to make it easier for you to find the artists and songs through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic or another favourite music purchase site.

Here is the Celtic Harp Music that is currently playing in the "Alchemy's Attic" shop on our Alchemy Immortalis sim:

Click here to port now to have a listen.

ARTIST: Carol Thompson, Darcy Fair & Jack Coen

  • Bonny Portmore / Fanny Power
  • Blind Mary
  • The Peacock's Feather / The Parting Glass / The Parting Glass
  • The Minstrel's Adieu
  • King of the Fairies
  • Lord Mayo
  • Irish Lullaby
  • Hugh O'Donnell
  • Brian Boru's March
  • All Through the Night
  • Carolan's Welcome
  • Jimmy's Return
  • The Blossom of the Raspberry
  • Black Rosebud
  • Home Ruler
  • She Moves Through the Fair
  • Gentle Annie
  • O'Carolan's Farewell to Music

ARTIST: Carol Thompson

  • The Atholl Highlanders
  • The Foggy Dew
  • The Wild Rose of the Mountain
  • The Snowy-Breasted Pearl
  • Watching the Wheat
  • Southwind
  • Lament for Owen Rua
  • The Blossom and the Rain
  • Cornish Dance
  • Celtic Wedding March
  • The Derry Air (a.k.a. "Danny Boy")
  • Scott's Lamentation
  • The Musical Priest
  • Pull Down the Shade
  • Down By the Salley Gardens
  • Tobin's Favorite
  • Eileen a Roon
  • Eili¢nir a R£in
  • The Coolin
  • Ca¡lin à Chois TSi£re,
  • Lament for Staker Wallace

ARTIST: Kathryn Mannyng

  • The Harp that once through Tara's Halls, (Molly my Treasure)
  • Star of the County Down - Traditional
  • Madame Cole - Turlough O'Carolan
  • Shebeag an' Shemore/Planxty George Brabazon - T. O'Carolan
  • Mrs. Judge/Planxty Judge - T. O'Carolan
  • She Moved the Fair - Traditional
  • Wings of a Gull - Traditonal
  • Last Rose of Summer/Separation of Body and Soul - T. Moore/T. O'Carolan
  • Danny Boy (Ancient Irish Tune/Londonderry Air) - Fred E. Wetherl
  • Down by the Sally Gardens/Sally Gardens - Traditional
  • Planxty Sudley/Give me your hand - T. O'Carolan
  • Carrickfergus - Traditional
  • Believe me if all those endearing young charms - T. Moore
  • My Lagan Love - Traditional
  • Carolan's Cup - T. O'Carolan
  • Minstrel Boy/O'Carolan's Concerto - T. Moore/T. O'Carolan
  • Bard of Armagh (Streets of Laredo) - Traditional
  • Brian Borou's March/The Butterfly - Traditional
  • Parting of Friends - Traditional

ARTIST: Lois Colin

  • The Star of County Down

ARTIST: O'Malley's Folk Music Players

  • Johnnie's Wedding / the Tamlin

ARTIST: Rose and Thistle Wedding Band

  • The Wedding Reel
  • Tabhair Do'm Do Lamh (Give Me Your Hand)

ARTIST: Celtic Harp Soundscapes

  • Woman of Ireland (Traditional Irish Song)
  • Morfa'r Frenhine (Traditional Harp Music)
  • John o'Connor
  • Sally My Dear
  • Dark Mollie Fo the Glen
  • Con o'leary's Lament
  • Down By the Beach
  • Mairi Bhan Og
  • Cait ni Dhuibhir
  • A Fairy's Love Song (Harp Solo)
  • Bonnie Charlie
  • Einini
  • Carolas Welcome
  • Kalenda Maya
  • Baidin Fheidhlimi
  • Comple De La Blanche Blish
  • July the First In Oldbridge
  • Miss Sally Hunter
  • Sally Gardens
  • Lord Inchquin
  • An Beinnsin Luachra
  • Bean an Fhir Ruaidh
  • Lochaber No More
  • Rolling In the Ryegrass
  • Follow Me Down to the Carlow
  • Morrison Jig
  • Na Sioga
  • Sean Bui
  • The Streets of Laredo (Classical Harp Music)
  • An Alarc'H (Christmas Harp)
  • Brian Boru's March
  • Gheobhair a Phaiste
  • Mallai Bhan
  • Nil S 'Na La
  • The Londonderry Air
  • Thugamar Fein an Samhradh Linn
  • Is Umbo Agus Eiru
  • The Rising of the Lark
  • Ta'n Samhradh Ag Teacht
  • Brochan Lom
  • Oro Bhuachaillin
  • Slow Air
  • Celtic Lullaby - Spa Music
  • Mo ghile mear for Massage Relaxation
  • The sprightly widow for Tranquil Healing
  • The Halting March for Deep Sleep
  • Kewbaira faist for Relaxation and Meditation

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