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Friday, 17 June 2011

Memories of Callipygian Sandals

An elegant match for the "Memories of Callipygian Dress" and accessories, and an equally stunning addition to your other cherished couture favourites.

Accented with gentle lace, glistening lilies and elegant pearls these sandals also lend themselves beautifully to a bride's big day.

The shoes feature realistic feet, toes and life-like skin, and come with a HUD to make it simple to change the colours of the flesh, the nails and the pieces of the shoes.

The shoes arrive in an elegant, modifiable gift box so you can tuck your own notecard in.

* Please note: These shoes are designed to work with the official SL Viewer 2.0 client, or higher, in order for the alpha layer to cover your feet and take advantage of the prim foot system built in.

If you are using an older or non-compatible viewer and would like a copy of the shoes that use transparency prims instead of the alpha feet layer included, please IM Alchemy Cyannis to arrange to trade them in.

Click here for a closer look.
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Available in the Alchemy Immortalis shop in Second Life, and also on the SL Marketplace website.

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