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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

FREE! I Scream Sundae! Pumps -- Get Yer Gurl Geek On

Take your chances and steal them for your very own during the Geekgasm II Hunt.

A perfect addition to your favourite Zombie Couture, these devilish little treats not only tickle your foot fetish with a licking tongue, but arrive with the disembodied hands of the last guy who tried to steal your damned ice cream still gripping your ankles.

And yes, you can turn that nasty little tongue off with a click. (... or on again if you miss it. Don't worry: we won't tell ; )

We couldn't forget the gals. We hooked the gents up with a little Oscar Wilde style mugging, and we're tossing these naughty little numbers over the fence to the gurlz.

This sweet treat comes packing:
  • realistic feet, toes, skin and nails;
  • a HUD for easy resizing & recolouring of shoes, skin, nails;
  • an animated licking tongue on the right shoe which can be turned on/off by clicking the shoe and touching a button on the menu;
  • the hands of the last guy that tried to steal your damned ice cream, still attached to your ankles and dragging entrails behind ; )
  • and, a modifiable gift box decked out with whipped cream and a devilish little cherry so you can tuck your own notecard & other gifts in.
* Please note: These shoes are designed to work with the official SL Viewer 2.0 client, or higher, in order for the alpha layer to cover your feet and take advantage of the prim foot system built in. If you are using an older or non-compatible viewer and would like a copy of the shoes that use transparency prims instead of the alpha feet layer included, please IM Alchemy Cyannis to arrange to trade them in.

Where Can You Grab These for Free?

click here for a closer look at those pumps

As with the first gift, we can't tell you where you'll find them in our shop, but we can give you this hint: "Santa got an early start this year. You know where he leaves his presents, don't you?" The gifts are hidden in the official hunt "Nontendo Entertainment System" game boxes, which you will find stacked in plain view beneath the thing we cannot tell you about but it hinted at above.

The hunt runs through July 13th. Visit the official "Geekgasm II Hunt: Revenge of the Geeks" blog for information on the hunt starting point and participants (supported by an inworld group of the same name for additional help). You'll find not one but two gifts waiting for you at the Alchemy Immortalis shop, including the poses pictured above. (Will post more about the 2nd gift for the ladies shortly).

Want to Send them as Gifts?

We have a transferable version available on the SL Marketplace web site for only L$99 during the Geekgasm II event! After that they'll be available for their regular price of L$275.

May we suggest accessorizing them the our new Belle Epoque Dress in matching gorry red ... er, sanguine ... and a whipped topping of Zombie poses to go?

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