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Monday, 20 June 2011

Get Your Just Desserts! Free Truffles and Black Forest Profiteroles

We've been invited to participate in a number of special events and hunts throughout the spring, and this one is particularly yummy!

The "Just Desserts" hunt launched on May 31st and runs through the end of June, with 50 different merchants hiding free goodies in their shops.

We're actually tucking 2 gifts into our Sirènes et Moineaux pâtisserie. Look around the shop for the official hunt "cupcake", which you can buy for L$0, containing our gifts:

A Bowl of Hand-Dipped Truffles
(dispenses animated edibles)

A Black Forest Profiterole in a Crystal Dessert Goblet

Find the two cupcakes that are hidden in the pâtisserie and buy each of them for L$0 to get each of these gifts. They contain copy/no transfer versions of each product.

The profiteroles are also available in transferrable versions in both the goblet and in bowls. You'll find them for sale on the cake counter right inside the front door of the shop, along with this succulent new treat:

Poached Pear in Rich Cream & Rich Chocolate

Want to visit the other participating shops? Hunt organzier Mandi Blanco's official hunt blog tells you how.

Happy hunting, and bon appétit!

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