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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

FREE! Get Your Geek On with a Little Steampunk Pose-foolery for Men at the GeekGasm II Event

There are few events we enjoy more than those that let us geek right the hell out, and Hannelore Difference and the "Geekgasm II" crew invited us to do exactly that in this latest hunt.

Immortalis has been working on a new Victorian Portraiture inspired steampunk collection, and has tossed in 3 of his latest poses for men, including a pose inspired by one of our own very favourite early-yon geeks: Oscar Wilde. (Now there was a boy who knew how to "rock out with his spock out" as the gasm event keeps prodding folks to do ; ) Immortalis has also tossed our jeweled Victorian cane in as a bonus prop for the Wilde-inspired pose.

click here for a closer look at those poses

We can't tell you where you'll find the gifts in our shop, but we can give you this hint: "Santa got an early start this year. You know where he leaves his presents, don't you?" The gifts are hidden in the official hunt "Nontendo Entertainment System" game boxes, which you will find stacked in plain view beneath the thing we cannot tell you about but it hinted at above.

The hunt runs through July 13th. Visit the official "Geekgasm II Hunt: Revenge of the Geeks" blog for information on the hunt starting point and participants (supported by an inworld group of the same name for additional help). You'll find not one but two gifts waiting for you at the Alchemy Immortalis shop, including the poses pictured above. (Will post more about the 2nd gift for the ladies shortly).

More About the Poses ...

This pose pack was inspired by Felix Nadar, a French photographer of the mid-to-late-1800's. Well-known for his iconic style of portraiture, he was highly sought after by his contemporaries. Jules Verne, Charles Baudelaire, Sarah Bernhardt, Victor Hugo and Oscar Wilde were all captured by his lens. Nadar was known for emphasising the face through the use of dark clothing, de-emphasising the hands, fading the light to the corners of the shot and spare backgrounds and props.

These 3 poses will help you mug it up in style, whether you're into Victorian or steampunk roleplaying and looking for something authentic to capture your grand visage, or merely looking to nail a little of that wild Wilde bombastic taste.

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