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Monday, 20 June 2011

Belle Epoque Dress (Sanguine)

Real women have curves. Real dresses celebrate them.

This period piece conjures up the romance of "La Belle Époque" (the "beautiful era"), a time when shapely women were worshipped, and fashion rose to the challenge of reinventing the traditional Victorian fullness as something more playful with an Edwardian-inspired sauciness.

The tulip skirt bottom of this dress gives a nod to the generous proportions of it's namesake, Callipygian, kissed with elegant period accents in it's flowing lace and elegant pearls.

Leave the tulip skirt off for a sleeker, more playful, Edwardian, body-hugging look. Two outfits in one.

Whether you're looking for a little late nineteenth century elegance, or learning toward the edge of the gilded age's Gatsby-esque flirtation, this dress makes a delicious head-turner when you walk in the door.

• Fully modifiable so you can make it fit your own unique curves perfectly.

• Comes in an elegant, modifiable gift box so you can tuck your own notecard in.

• Please note: requires Viewer 2.0+ or an alternate compatible browser that is able to handle multiple attachments to same point for the bodice accents.

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Arrives in an elegant gift box that's modifiable so you can tuck a notecard or other gifts in for giving.

Available in the Alchemy Immortalis shop in Second Life, and also on the SL Marketplace website.

Click the picture above for a larger view.

Click the picture above for a larger view.

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