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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bed & Breakfast Experience

*UPDATE* Please see this posting for information about our Bed & Breakfast program, which we have now launched:

# # #

While we're not quite open for business yet, we invite you to join us at "Empress and Hierophant" and "Inis Caiseal" to explore the beginnings of our small, intimate "Alchemy Immortalis Bed & Breakfast Experience".

Soon you will be able to rent one of four short-term stay cottages, complete with Celtic landscaping and gardens, horseback riding trails and access to unfettered waterways to go swimming and sailing.

Perfect for a private escape to recharge solo, or as a couples getaway.

People who wish to own the Gatehouse Cottage seen at the B&B can either buy it in our inworld shop, or pick it up on the Marketplace web site, where it's currently on sale for half price.

The Gatehouse Ruins seen on our "Empress and Hierophant" sim is only available in our shop, and as a beta product only at the moment.

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