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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

About the Artists Behind Alchemy Immortalis




The Dream Merchants ...

We are two artists, Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis. Together we believe in embracing virtual reality as a canvas for dreams.

We create digital props, scenes and experiences that invite suspension of disbelief and help you to live a more magical life.

We collaborate in running the "Alchemy Immortalis" brand, which covers 4 interconnected sims and encompasses a variety of lifestyle products and services.

Our shops and sims are virtual playgrounds for our imaginations, allowing us to conjure up a host of practical and playful things that we share with visitors from all over the grid.

We enjoy creating for ourselves in Second Life the things we both love and covet in flesh life, from vast Celtic landscapes to cottages, furnishings, jewelry, poses and props.

It's this choice to unshackle ourselves from a traditional niche that's lead us to reinvent both our shop and our look, embracing a more open "lifestyles store" approach.





We are shape-shifters. Don't be surprised if you find us running around terrorizing our flock of woolly friends as two of them ourselves ; )

We are artists, geeks and alchemists with a passion for living truly magical lives.

We are deeply grateful for our customers, and do our best to create spaces that are warm and inviting, filling them with magic, music and interactivity.

We are "dream merchants" and have the best damned jobs in the world ; )


(Click here to learn more about our beliefs.)


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